Easter is coming and our little birds are busy building their nests!

Easter is just around the corner, and in this difficult time, it’s so important to cherish these special events as a way of bringing some joy to our homes.
Around the world, the egg is an ancient symbol of life. Hung on the branches of outdoor trees, bushes and on cut branches inside, it represents the new life that Spring brings us. 
Whilst enjoying your once-daily outdoor walks, why not forage for some things to make your own Easter Tree or table decorations? After the recent windy weather there are plenty of twigs on the ground and if you look closer in the woodland there’s moss on old trees and bark that will be perfect to use too. All you need is a glass vase or ceramic pot and a little bit of creativity! 
How To: Homemade Easter Tree
Step 1 – Go hunting for your branches, twigs and other natural materials to build your tree.
Step 2 – Select your vase or pot to present your tree in. If you have oasis, stones or even some newspaper, place this into the bottom of your vase to support the branches and help them stand up.
Step 3 – Arrange the twigs and branches in your vase, then top with moss, bark or whatever else you have found to create a woodland-like base that sits level with the top of your vase. You could even use some fabric or felt if you have any.
Step 4 – It's time to decorate! Place foil wrapped chocolate eggs around the base, adorn the tree with homemade paper decorations (if you’ve been crafty at home!) or decorate with our popular felt Easter decorations, available on our website here.
Though it will be a different Easter this year for many of us, there’s no need to stop traditions! Why not plan an Easter Egg hunt in your own home or garden for you and those you live with to enjoy – or even video call you relatives to join in. We’ll be getting crafty making our own egg baskets using gift wrap, paper bags and leftover ribbons – all things that could be recycled from your wrapping drawer.
We wish you all a lovely Easter
Stay safe, keep well. 
Karen & the team at Bird